Take This Yes or No Quiz and We'll Guess Your Job

Teresa McGlothlin

Do you carry a pen in your pocket at work?

Could you have the self-discipline to work from home?

Are you entertaining when you are working with children?

Do you work a lot of overtime during the holidays?

Does anyone bring donuts to work on special occasions?

Would you say you are happy with your benefits package?

Do you mind working the overnight shift?

Are you on your feet for most of your work day?

Would your coworkers describe you as a people person?

Does your job come with a huge amount of responsibility?

Do you spend most of your day behind a computer screen?

Would you consider going back to school to further yourself at your current job?

Have you ever worked in the retail or restaurant industries?

Do you get to use your creative skills at your job?

Does your job require that you get up early?

Do you eat fast food for lunch at least once a week?

Would you describe your workspace as neat and tidy?

Are you often thanked or praised for the work that you do?

Do you do a lot of daydreaming while you are on the clock?

Are you going to retire from the job you are currently working?

Would you like to run your own business someday?

Do you work more than eight hours per day?

Are you good at taking criticism from your coworkers?

Would your job make an interesting reality show?

Do you get to travel a lot with your job?

Are you comfortable working in a leadership position?

Would your fellow coworkers say that you are bossy?

Does your job involve working with numbers?

Are you usually proud of the work that you do?

If you left your current job, would you work in the same field again?

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About This Quiz

Without coming out and asking you where you work, we think we can figure out the job that you do. Using only yes or no questions, we'll explore your work environment, plans for your career and your attitude toward the work you do. After we get a good sense of your work week, we think we can accurately guess your job title.

We have developed a unique way to learn about your job, and we hope that your answers will lead us in the right directions. Instead of having you give us lengthy explanations about the things you do while you're on the clock, we have found that a simple answer is far more telling.  When you say yes or tell us no, you are getting straight to the point, and that makes our job a lot easier here.

Whether you love your job or you are looking for an escape, the definitive responses you provide will be all the clues we need to figure out what you do for a living. There's no need to grab a clipboard, but you might want to get your glasses. Once you share your job with us, we'll know what it is! Will we get it right?

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