Quiz: Skin Deep: The Tattoo-removal Quiz
Skin Deep: The Tattoo-removal Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Indecisiveness and a love of body art are two traits that don't go well together. But if you find yourself wishing you'd never gotten that tattoo, you could be in luck. Test your tattoo-removal knowledge with this quiz.

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In general, what tattoos can be removed?
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What is currently the most popular method of tattoo removal?
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Laser removal started becoming commonplace at the end of what decade?
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What kind of earlier tattoo removal involved sanding the skin?
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Which of the following tattoo colors is easiest to remove?
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The specific laser technique used for tattoo removal is known as what?
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What type of pain reliever can you take before a laser procedure for tattoo removal?
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What chance do you have of scarring with laser tattoo removal?
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What type of physician should you go to for tattoo removal?
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