Quiz: The Ultimate Taylor Swift Quiz
The Ultimate Taylor Swift Quiz
By: Staff
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Alright, team: How much do you know about Taylor Swift? We're not just talking albums and singles, but cat's names and cultural moments. Unlike Taylor, you'll get a chance to finish.

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What was Taylor's first album?
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How many songs did Taylor write or cowrite on her debut album?
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What's Taylor's middle name?
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What famous country singer is name-checked on Taylor's first album's tracklist?
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Taylor lived on what kind of farm as a youngster?
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What is Taylor's second album?
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How many songs did Taylor take sole credit for writing on her first album?
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How many songs did Taylor write alone on "Fearless?"
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What film has two Taylor-written songs on the soundtrack?
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What category did Taylor win when Kanye West interrupted her MTV Video Music Award acceptance speech?
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What's Taylor's lucky number?
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Taylor was nominated for Best New Artist at the 2008 Grammys. Who won?
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Where was Taylor born?
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How many Grammys did Taylor win in 2010?
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How many songs did Taylor write (solo) on her third album, "Speak Now?"
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What show did Taylor appear on in 2009?
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Swift says that "1989" is her first:
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What was Taylor's first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart?
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What service did Taylor remove her music from?
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What ensemble movie marked Taylor's big screen debut?
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What artist covered the entire "1989" album?
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What is one Guinness World Record that Taylor holds?
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Taylor donated $50,000 to whom in 2014?
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Taylor's brother is a graduate of what college?
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Taylor describes herself as:
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What does Taylor claim as her spirit animal?
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By 2016, how many Grammys has Taylor won?
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