Quiz: Teeth Staining Foods Quiz
Teeth Staining Foods Quiz
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A bright, white smile is all the rage, but many foods and beverages you consume may stain your teeth. Do you know what to avoid to keep your teeth untarnished?

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Tea is worse than coffee for your tooth enamel.
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Chromogens are substances in food and beverages that make your teeth whiter.
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Carefully chewing your food will break down any pigments it contains, which in turn prevents teeth staining.
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Brushing your teeth with baking soda won't do anything to whiten your teeth.
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If a particular type of food stains your clothes, it'll probably stain your teeth.
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Highly acidic food and beverages can contribute to teeth staining.
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Sipping beverages through a straw can help prevent teeth stains.
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If you want to fix the stains on your teeth, your only option is to get them professionally whitened.
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Cherries, blueberries and blackberries can give you an unsightly smile.
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Tannins, found in grapes and wine, contribute to tooth stains.
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Brushing your teeth right after eating stain-inducing foods will decrease the potential of them permanently affecting your teeth.
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Teeth-whitening kits are no match for coffee-stained teeth.
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Whitening toothpaste is just a marketing gimmick.
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White wine promotes a whiter smile.
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Brightly colored foods are likely to stain your teeth.
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If you can't brush your teeth right after eating or drinking, rinsing your mouth out with water will help inhibit foods' ability to stain your teeth.
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Tooth enamel is what makes your teeth look white in the first place.
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Treating your teeth with whitening strips could give you better looking teeth for up to a year.
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Eating certain foods can prevent stains from latching onto your teeth.
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Sports drinks promote whiter teeth.
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