Quiz: The Ultimate Telecommuting Quiz
The Ultimate Telecommuting Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Have you joined the ranks of the world’s many telecommuters? Perhaps you are considering making the switch from commuting to working from home. No matter what your motivation is to telecommute, thousands of employees are finding that telecommuting is very rewarding. Take our quiz now to see if you are up to date on telecommuting.

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What was the percentage of growth rate in employees working from home between 1990 and 2000?
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What was one thing experts feel fueled an explosive growth in employees working from home?
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What is one thing that experts feel helped boost working from home prior to a wide availability of the Internet?
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How did telecommuters manage to work at home without the Internet?
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What is considered the most basic telecommuting technology for an at home worker today?
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What is a great method of connecting to your office when you are telecommuting while on the road?
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By what percentage does productivity typically increase when employees telecommute?
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According to a recent survey, what percentage of telecommuting employees take pride in working at home?
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According to the same survey, what percentage of telecommuting employees were satisfied with their company?
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According to a recent study, how much less gas does a typical telecommuter consume per year?
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