Tell Us About Your Day and We'll Guess Your Favorite Disney Movie

Emily Maggrett

You wake up to a beautiful, sunny day. What's the first social media site you check?

Looking around groggily, you see that your bedroom is a mess. Do you clean it before getting ready?

As you lather up in the shower, what occupies your thoughts?

After putting on lotion, it's time to do your face. How will you make yourself up?

You open up the closet and stare inside. Which version of yourself will you dress like today?

What's for breakfast this morning?

You realize the sun is really strong today. But it's too late to put on sunscreen. What do you do?

On the bus to work, someone really foul-smelling sits down next to you. What's your move?

At work, everything's in chaos. What's the first thing you do?

Your boss comes in looking really angry. How do you react?

In the break room, you run into your work wife Sharon, who wants to gossip with you about everything that's going wrong. How do you respond?

You have the choice of focusing on one of two important projects. Project 1 will be great for your career, while Project 2 will help solve the immediate crisis at your work. Which do you choose?

After you work really hard and manage to catch up on some of your work, your impressed boss asks if she can dump even more on you. What do you say?

Feeling discouraged from a busy morning, you need a pick-me-up. How will you incorporate self-care into your day?

Your partner texts you, asking if you can stop at the grocery store on the way home. You don't know if you're EVER getting home. What do you text back?

At noon, you're allowed to take an hour for lunch. Do you go grab some food or work through your lunch hour?

After lunch, you're in a food coma. What will you do to raise your energy?

You get an interesting email from a colleague, asking you to speak at an upcoming local conference. Do you say yes?

Walking back to your desk, the heel of your shoe breaks. How will you deal with it?

An old friend is G-chatting you incessantly, and it's ruining your concentration. What do you tell them?

Out of the blue, your manager asks you if you'd be interested in representing the company at an international event. You've never ever been out of the country before! Do you say yes or no?

In the bathroom, you notice your make-up has totally worn off, and you look haggard AF. What do you do?

During a call, you're inappropriately hit on by a lucrative client. Do you tell your boss?

It's 3 p.m. and you're feeling blue. Which cute animal Instagram will you skim?

Your coworker Tom won't stop blasting dubstep and it's making it hard for you to work. Do you say anything to him?

Around 5 p.m., you realize have two choices: work your butt off to go home at a reasonable time or work at a reasonable pace but don't get home until 8 p.m. Which one do you pick?

On your way out the door, you notice your boss is trying to catch your eye. What do you do?

Ah, you're home at last! You're trying to eat healthily, so you're tempted to cook; on the other hand, you're incredibly tired. So what's for dinner?

Full from your meal, you glance at your phone. Several friends want you to meet them for drinks. But you're so cozy here at home! What's your move?

Looking back over the day, which one of your actions today makes you feel the proudest?

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Image: Walt Disney Pictures/Walt Disney Feature Animation

About This Quiz

How's it going today? Is your latte hot and your make-up perfect, or are you wearing swimsuit bottoms as underwear while your mascara leaves tracks under your eyes? Either way, chill; some days are 10s and some days are 3s. Having a great day doesn't mean you're perfect, and having a bad day doesn't mean you're not a winner.

However, the way you're dealing with your wins and losses today DOES indicate who your heroes are. Are you dealing with challenges by confronting them head-on, or are you analyzing these issues in order to forge more deliberate solutions? Are you laughing off your problems with your coworkers or friends, or are you stoically facing these dilemmas alone?

In this quiz, we're going to figure out what your favorite Disney movie is by discovering which Disney princess you act like on a typical day. We want to know what you're eating for breakfast, how you're dealing with your commute, and which sunglasses you're stunning in! Tell us everything — whether you gossip about your work enemies, how often you text your partner and your favorite cute animal Instagram. In return, we'll guess which Disney movie you've watched a thousand times. Warning: we're going to get it right. So let's get quizzing!

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