Tell Us About Your Favorite ’90s TV Characters and We'll Guess Your Ideal Style!

Amanda Monell

Let's grab a cup at Central Perk! What character from "Friends" are you sharing a cup of joe with?

If you were to get a speeding ticket from one of these TV police officers, which one would you want it to be?

What character from "Twin Peaks" would you want to hang out with in the Red Room?

Which of these TV moms would you turn to for relationship advice?

You get an invitation to a TV family's home for dinner. Which family are you visiting?

One of your friends dared you to get a hairstyle from a 1990s cartoon. What style would you choose?

While traveling down the road, you get a flat tire. Who would you choose to help change it?

In "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," who do you think Buffy should have chosen as her one and only, Spike or Angel?

Before "Office Space," Mike Judge created cartoons. What character of his is your favorite?

Whose logic were you able to follow better in "The X-Files": Fox Mulder or Dana Skully?

Would you share a loaf of marbled rye with a character from "Seinfeld"?

Time to throw down! What '90s wrestler are you taking to the ring with you?

Which of these brainy characters would you hire to tutor you?

Let's raid your closet! Which lady from "Sex and the City" do you dress like the most?

Which of the sisters from "Charmed" would you want to cast a spell on you?

If you were to ask one of the boys from "Beverly Hills, 90210" to go to the prom, who would you choose?

Parties are the rebellious kids' specialty! With that being said, who's going to be throwing a party for you?

Who was cooler, Parker Lewis from "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" or Mike Seaver from "Growing Pains"?

What witch do you like better: Sabrina from "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" or Sabrina from "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"?

Time to hit the books! What "Saved by the Bell" student are you sitting next to in study hall?

Who rocked the floppy hat better: Blossom or Six from "Blossom"?

Running short on cash? What television family's children would you want to babysit?

You've injured yourself while doing a household chore! What doctor from "ER" would you want to treat your wounds?

Out of all the barflies on "Cheers," who would you choose to be on your pub trivia team?

Your home is a mess! What TV housekeeper are you hiring to clean up?

Which of the kids from "South Park" would you choose to pull a prank on?

What crew would you want to fly your spaceship?

Out of her eight husbands, which of Erika Kane's men from "All My Children" is the cutest?

Ready to save the world before bedtime? Which Powerpuff Girl is the best?

Which of the Golden Girls has the best sense of style?

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About This Quiz

Filled to the brim with a constant buzz of energy, the '80s were like a nonstop party splashed with neon colors and the highest hair ever. Once the '90s hit, for some it was a rude awakening. The party was over, and things were going to settle back down to normal or whatever the equivalent of normal was. The music had changed; instead of bouncing synthesizers and bouncy hooks, it became darker with intermittent yelling. Our television shows started to depart from the run of the mill sitcom and started to bring more of the less popular television genres into the mainstream. And just like movies, our inspirations for our senses of style came from music and the small screen.

Instead of wearing stiletto heels, women started to wear combat boots for nights out on the town (although we'll note that our feet were happier for it). Flannel shirts came in almost every shade imaginable and were the perfect thing to tie around your waist. And the hair? Well, in some instances, long and greasy was in. And when you add in the devil may care attitude, you can come up with some interesting looks, to say the least. 

So let's put down the remote and wipe the Cheeto dust off of our fingers. Take this quiz to see if we can guess what your style is based on your favorite television characters of the 1990s.

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