Tell Us About Your Life and We'll Assign You a New Astrological Sign

Kevin Zed

It's Friday night – where are you?

You're channel surfing. What's the first show you'll pick?

Your friend flops on plans at the last minute. How will you handle this?

What do you do when your friend's "vibe" seems off during a text conversation?

How do you react when you have a social engagement with a friend but feel really tired?

What's your biggest source of energy?

Your mom calls, reminding you that you forgot her birthday. What will you tell her?

What's your idea of the perfect first date?

You've just had a hectic day at work. How are you unwinding?

Your friend has picked out an ugly jacket but absolutely loves it. What do you say?

What's the most important quality for you in a friend?

It's 3:00 a.m. and your neighbor is having a loud party, even though you have work the next day. How are you handling this?

You've been overcharged by $5 on a purchase by a nervous young employee whose mean boss is breathing down their neck. How will you react?

Your friend has bought you a ticket to a baseball game, not knowing that you hate baseball. How will you react?

Your significant other is taking you out to eat and wants to know which restaurant you prefer. Which one are you going to?

Which type of couch are you buying for your living room?

When colleagues approach you to strike up a conversation, how do you react?

When planning parties for your friends, how many people do you like to invite?

When you have an issue with someone, how do you react?

How are your colleagues most likely to describe you?

You're at the optometrist, and they tell you that you need glasses. What frames are you going for?

What do you do to cheer up a friend who's in the hospital?

You see a shirt you really like, but it's too expensive. What do you do?

Your boss asks you to work overtime, unpaid. How do you react?

You just found out your phone bill is $75 more than usual because of overtime charges. You want to give your phone company a call to ask if there's any way they can help, but you know you'll have to wait 45 minutes. What will you do?

You're lost in a new city. What's your first instinct?

Which of the following would be your worst nightmare?

What type of work environment do you prefer?

When faced with a tough decision, what would be your preferred way of thinking it through?

You're at the gym and you notice someone hogging the best elliptical machine. How do you settle this issue?

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About This Quiz

Ah, birthdays. For some people, they're the most important day of the year. Plus, our birthdays categorize us into astrological signs. But even though we all have one, not everyone feels like theirs suits their personality. Were you born in the middle of January, but have never felt included among your fellow Capricorns? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, you were meant to be a Scorpio, but your early June birthday thinks otherwise? Or maybe you're technically a Leo but could swear you were a Virgo in another lifetime. Don't worry – we understand how you feel, and we're here to assign you a new astrological sign.

You see, we believe that astrological signs should be based on your daily life and personality, not the random date when you were born. So as you take this quiz, we'll get to know you a bit better – your hobbies, habits and preferences – and we'll see where you actually belong. Whether your idea of the perfect date is stargazing or ending up at your local psychic, we'll decipher who you are. 

So let's get started – get ready to have your astrological world flipped upside down! Don't worry, fellow Capricorn, you might be an Aries before you know it.

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