Tell Us About Your Military Career and We'll Guess What Type of Civilian Career Is Right for You

Teresa McGlothlin

Which branch of the military did you join?

Were you ever deployed?

Why did you decide to join the military?

Did you have a military desk job?

How long did you serve?

How well did you do in basic training?

What shift did you work in the military?

Did you work on your feet?

During your military career, did you serve in a position of authority?

Were you ever stationed overseas?

Did your military job require working with specialized equipment?

How did you stay in shape for military physicals?

Did your military position involve serving food?

Did you work a lot of weekends?

Which rank would you have enjoyed most?

How would your military coworkers describe your work?

Are you still in the military?

During your career, did you work with your military family?

Were you a good team player?

How many medals did you earn?

Were you a member of an elite team like the Navy Seals?

What was your favorite part of your military job?

Would your military boss give you a good reference?

Are you still in touch with your military coworkers?

Which first responder job would you be qualified to try?

Did you ever receive a pay raise?

Did you live in military base housing?

Were you required to be aggressive?

Do you hope to have a brand new civilian career?

In hindsight, would you choose a different military career?

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About This Quiz

First and foremost, thank you for your service! Whether you are currently serving or you've served in the past, we appreciate your commitment to your country. After you tell us all the ins and outs of your military career, we will be able to guess the type of civilian career you were meant to try.

When you joined the military, you knew you were going to learn to do something new. Throughout your career, we are sure that you mastered the skills you were taught. We're also sure that the things you learned at your military position will translate into a nice career in the civilian realm.

Throughout this quiz, we are going to ask you all about the work you did in the military. No matter which branch you served in, allowing us to examine your career will help us place you in a civilian job that will suit you the best. Whether you were an admiral or a private, you have a great foundation to land yourself the civilian career of your dreams. Take us through your day and tell us about the position you held in the service. Then, we'll take our best guess at the job you should hold! 

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