Tell Us About Your Truck and We’ll Guess What Kind of Man You Are

Ryan Choate

Trucks are good for hauling things around. What item could currently be found in the back of your truck?

Good tires can both get you unstuck and help your gas mileage on the highway. How would you describe the tires on your truck?

A vehicle color is a personal preference. What kind of paint job does your truck have?

Not everyone is a good driver out there on the roadways. What do you do if someone cuts you off on the road?

Some trucks come with just the basics. What modifications have you made to your truck?

If you are looking to tow something around like an RV, a truck is perfect for the job. What do you tow with your truck?

Trucks can be a vehicle for the job or just another family car. Where do you drive your truck the most?

Automatic is an easy way to get people driving and not everyone learns how to drive a stick shift. Is your truck a manual or automatic?

Food trucks have become super popular on city street corners. Do you ever eat at a food truck?

Brand loyalty is hugely important to some people when buying a truck. Is your truck an American brand or import brand?

A nice coat of mud on the truck is like a badge of honor. How often do you wash your truck?

Trucks can come equipped with 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive for those that tend to get stuck in mud or snow. Is your truck a 2wd or 4wd?

There are all kinds of unique stickers you can plaster on a truck. What sticker would we find on your bumper?

Leather or cloth interior?

Not everyone has a country dirt road out the backdoor. When was the last time you took your truck out on some dirt?

Twitter and Instagram are a good place to show off pictures online. What kind of pics of your truck would we find on your social media?

Car crushing monster trucks are a blast to watch. What is your favorite monster truck?

There are items that you just never should leave home without. What is in your truck that you never take out?

With a crew cab you could take a whole slew of passengers with you. Is your truck a single cab or a crew cab?

If you drive you are going to get a flat tire. Do you know how to fix a flat?

Your friends can be envious or embarrassed by your vehicle. How would they describe your truck?

Used cars are always a gamble but a new car can give you sticker shock. Where did you buy your truck?

While not necessary for everyday use, extra lights can be useful on a truck. How many extra lights or on your truck?

What is the craziest thing that has ever been in the back of your truck?

Diesel can give a truck that extra torque for towing. Is your truck a gas powered or diesel powered rig?

Originality and uniqueness is important to some vehicle owners. What is the most unique feature of your truck?

Nicknames can give your vehicle a little personality. What is the nickname of your truck?

Have you ever been in trouble with the law because of your truck?

A truck is the perfect rig for making a run to the dump. What do you usually haul to the dump in your truck?

Loyalty is important in friendship and jobs. It is good to be able to count on people. Would you say you are loyal to your truck brand?

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About This Quiz

The history of the pick-up goes all the way back to the 1800s, and as long as there have been trucks there have been people who want to drive them. A vehicle can say a lot about a person. You might be more interested in something economical with good gas mileage and a reputation for longevity, or maybe you're someone who has a need for speed and seeks out sports cars. But guys like trucks and a truck can say a lot about what kind of man you are. Do you drive a lowered two-wheel-drive truck because you never take your rig off-road? Do you put every modification available on your truck to make it look tough? Some men like to spend half the time driving their truck through mud, and some like to keep their truck polished and detailed. 

The truck has a lot of practical uses as well. It's hard not to overlook the practicality of a truck. Sometimes you just need to haul stuff around or help your buddy move his furniture into a new house. A truck doesn't always have to have a flashy paint job or inflated tires. Some of the coolest trucks are old beat up work trucks that are reliable and help a man get in an honest day's work. So what kind of truck do you drive? Answer the questions on this quiz about your truck and we'll guess what kind of man you are.


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