Tell Us About Your Truck and We’ll Guess Your Relationship Status

Ian Fortey

How many people are usually in the truck when you go out for a drive?

Trucks are pretty versatile machines. What do you use yours for, mostly?

How old is the truck you're driving?

You probably love all kinds of things about your truck, but what is your favorite feature?

Truck owners have some fierce brand loyalty. What's your truck of choice?

Are you an off-road kind of person, or are you sticking to the roads?

Do you like American trucks or Japanese trucks more?

Do you ever hit up a drive-thru and then eat a meal while you're driving?

What's in your truck's glove box right now?

If you were going to get a brand-spanking-new truck right this moment, what color would it be?

Do you ever take the truck to the drive-in and watch a movie?

Where do you keep your truck parked most of the time?

Be honest -- did your truck's towing capacity have any bearing on why you bought it?

Would you ever pick up a hitchhiker in your truck?

What's the tailgate on your truck like?

Do you consider your truck to be a tough vehicle?

Is the truck you have right now the first truck you've ever owned or not?

If you could trade your truck in for any kind of vehicle straight up, what would you go with?

Is the paint job on your truck looking good right now or has it seen better days?

Would you ever let someone borrow your truck for the day?

What's the radio in your truck tuned to right now?

Have you ever given in to road rage while you were driving your truck?

What does the inside of your truck smell like right now?

If a friend calls you up and needs help moving, are you helping?

How often are you taking your truck to get washed?

Have you ever had an accident in your truck?

Do you have anything covering the seats in your truck?

What type of cab are we talking about anyway?

What kind of engine does your truck have?

What do you think is the best truck ever made?

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About This Quiz

Sometimes it feels like the only person who really understands you in life is your truck.  Hopefully, you're not feeling that way a lot, but it does happen. A truck is dependable, reliable and always supportive provided the struts are working properly. It takes you where you want to go, helps you get work done and it always knows what music you want to listen to. 

Yep, a truck is a heck of a friend. But alas, no one ever felt loved by a truck. You need a little more out of life than some decent torque and towing capacity. But there has to be some crossover, right? Your truck and your love life have a few things in common, they must!

Lucky for you, we know just how your truck and your love life interact, it's a skill we have. Tell us a bit about what you're driving and we'll use that to figure out what your relationship status is right now. Think that it sounds impossible? No more impossible than a stylish, fuel-efficient truck that still has good horsepower and seating for a family of 5. It can happen! Just tell us all about your truck and you'll see.

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