Quiz: Tell Us How Gross You Think These Habits Are and We'll Guess Your Age
Tell Us How Gross You Think These Habits Are and We'll Guess Your Age
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

You may or may not have a sensitive gag reflex, but everyone is grossed out by a quirk all their own. Whether it's a plate of calamari or the way that someone behaves, we know that you are grossed out by something! During this quiz, we're going to examine the things you find repulsive in human behavior. The way you react will give away your age! 

As we find out what human habits utterly disgust you, you'll give away a lot of facts about your age. You might not find the occasional white lie all that offensive; others might find it the worst thing you can do to another person! 

Your tolerance for the habits of others will provide us with a lot of clues about the number of years you have called this planet home. You have a certain set of stands for your own habits, and deep inside you demand the same of others. You can't hide what you find repulsive from us! 

Take a deep breath before you begin, and remember that words cannot hurt you. React to each of the habits and personality traits we present, and we'll know how many candles go on your next cake! Don't start gagging now! 

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