Quiz: Tell Us How Southern You Are and We'll Tell You Which Restaurant Chain You Are
Tell Us How Southern You Are and We'll Tell You Which Restaurant Chain You Are
By: Teresa M.
Image: Pexels

About This Quiz

You might want to fix yourself a Mint Julep for this quiz! We're going to put your southern-ness to the test. Your reward for sharing your culture, your heritage, and your ever-so-polite mannerisms with us? Well, darlin'. We're going to let you know which restaurant chain you are most like at heart.

Are you so southern that you call your mom your mama? Do you have a mawmaw instead of a grandma? These are the kinds of things we will need to access before we can properly assign you a chain restaurant. We will also need to know which comfort foods you crave, and learning about the way you were raised can only help. 

As we go through our restaurant chain quiz, we might even ask about the things you put on your plate at Golden Corral. Though we're not basing things entirely on how you eat, food is as big a part of the southern culture as porch sitting. We will try to tune in to each choice you make. 

After we have determined how southern you are, we will match you with the restaurant chain you should consider franchising. They say you'll never work a day in your life when you do what you love. Find out which restaurant chain you are, and you might just find a new career!

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