Tell Us How You Feel About the Weather and We'll Tell You How British You Are

Zoe Samuel

Hmmm ... it looks as though you'll be in the countryside this weekend. How do you feel about going for a nice walk in the morning?

Which style of hat says "comfort" to you?

What's the best thing about the spring weather?

Summer is here. What will you do to your home to make it more comfortable?

Gosh! This Christmas is very snowy indeed. How do you feel about going out for a day of shopping?

You'll need a car if you're commuting into the city on a daily basis. What feature would you insist on, given how often it rains?

We're headed to a fashionable wedding in a countryside barn. What sort of shoes will you wear to the ceremony?

The temperature has skyrocketed and the government says staying outside for long is dangerous! What are your plans for the day?

What time would you roll out of bed in June?

Which of these clothing items do you yearn to wear in nice weather?

How wet do you get when you walk in the rain for a few minutes?

How important to you is snow around Christmastime?

What's the best thing about the weather in early winter?

How do you feel about public transportation that doesn't have air conditioning in the summer?

How do you feel when men wear shorts?

How many umbrellas do you personally own?

Which is the best way to stay warm in the winter?

Is there a "wrong kind of snow"?

Socks with sandals — yay or nay?

How quickly can you burn in the sun?

How much of your conversation is weather talk in a normal day?

When is it NOT appropriate to talk about the weather?

It's not raining. Do you bring an umbrella?

When do you most expect a hailstorm?

Which weather is best for going hunting in the Scottish Highlands?

What do you consider to be a lot of snow?

What unit do you use to describe the weather?

How old were you the first time you experienced humid weather?

Do you have a barometer in your house?

Can you predict rain according to how your joints are feeling?

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About This Quiz

British weather is unlike all other areas in the world. British weather could be compared to Japan's weather, except that Japan can get quite hot in the summer. British weather is similar to some parts of America, but America tends to have more extreme weather and temperatures. Why is Britain so unique? Simply put, it's down to the jet stream.

Warm air from south of Florida comes up the East Coast of the United States, where it is carried across the Atlantic by the jet stream. Due to the nature and direction of the jet stream, cold Arctic air is kept at bay, and the warm Caribbean air settles over the British Isles. As a result, Britain never really gets that cold, despite being further north than some parts of Canada, and somehow the U.K. manages to remain fairly cool in the summer. Brits may consider a temperature of 27 Celsius dangerously hot, but it's considered to be a beautiful summer day in New York. 

Brits are prepared for changes in the weather that most other cultures just don't anticipate or prepare for on a daily basis. Answer some questions on how you feel about the weather, and we will tell you just how British you really are!

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