Quiz: Tell Us if These Everyday Actions Are Gross or Satisfying and We'll Guess Your Biggest Pet Peeve!
Tell Us if These Everyday Actions Are Gross or Satisfying and We'll Guess Your Biggest Pet Peeve!
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Are you easily grossed out, or does it take a lot to make you queasy? While some folks think that fingernail biting is disgusting, others couldn’t get through the day without it. Putting pineapple on pizza might make you nauseous, but it might be your best friend’s favorite topping. Our likes and dislikes are as individual as we are, but they are indicators that point to what really drives us crazy.

Whether it makes you insane when someone doesn’t use their turn signals, or you can’t stand the sound of knives being sharpened, everyone has a pet peeve! The little everyday things that get under your skin give away a lot about you and about what sends you straight over the edge.

Tell us if you’re the type that will use a glass more than once or if you’re too obsessive-compulsive to ever drink from a used cup. Think about your behaviors and how they match up with your standards of conduct for others. Then, the information we gather will be analyzed and then processed into an answer tailored for you. You think you might know what your biggest pet peeve is, but do you really? There’s only one way to find out!

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