Quiz: Tell Us What These Slang Words and Phrases Mean and We’ll Guess Which Generation You Belong To
Tell Us What These Slang Words and Phrases Mean and We’ll Guess Which Generation You Belong To
By: Ryan Choate
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About This Quiz

It's difficult to trace exactly when slang words started showing up in the English language. We don't even see the actual word "slang" used in print until around 1800, but we can probably assume there were slang words being used before that. 

One of the earliest known uses of slang is the word "bad" which has been used to refer to "good" since the late 19th century. When we look at the overall culture of slang used in the English language we can almost break it down by decade. Each one seems to have a unique set of slang words that are easily identifiable with the time period. Slang words are now woven into the fabric of pop culture and are common in music, literature and everyday conversations. With the advent of texting on smartphones, slang and abbreviated sayings are commonplace.

The older you get, the more sophisticated your verbiage may become, but you might still like to keep up on the current lingo. Just like technology, the way we communicate seems to be changing at a breakneck speed. Gone are the days of throwing out a couple "rad dudes" or "cool cats" and getting away with it. Now you can be eviscerated on social media and banished to the annals of the "uncool." No matter, you still have a handle on the times and a boss vocabulary to prove it. See if you can go postal on this quiz to tell us what these slang words and phrases mean and we will try and guess which generation you belong to!

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If someone told you that you were acting salty, what would you think they meant?

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How would you describe the word dank?

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What would you determine is the meaning of clap back?

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If your teacher ever gave you back a test and wrote "hundo p" on it, what grade would have gotten?

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Your nephew just told you that you are GMT. What is he talking about?

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Your friend wants to get some dead presidents. What does he want to do?

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What are people referring to when they say something is lit?

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If you want to inquire about what is currently happening you might ask your friend what?

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Someone wants to give you a knuckle sandwich, what are they referring to?

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Who are you on the lookout for if the fuzz is coming?

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Which of the following slang terms means something that is unpleasant?

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A group of individuals who like heavy metal music and often smell like cigarettes could be referred to as?

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If someone told you to bag your face, what are they wanting you to do?

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You and your friends are heading out for some grindage. Where are you going?

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