Tell Us What You Thought about These Gilmore Girls Moments, and We'll Tell You Which One You Are!

By: Teresa M.

What did you think of Luke staying up all night to sew a tent for Rory's goodbye party?

What did you think of Emily telling Rory she was proud of her before she hit the campaign trail?

What did you think when Rory showed Emily her New York apartment?

What did you do when Rory had her heart broken the first time?

How would you react to being sent 1,000 yellow daises?

Who do you think acted most appropriately to Rory's graduation?

How would you react to waking up next to Christopher in Rory's room?

How did you feel when you found out Sherry was pregnant?

What did you think about Dean breaking up with Rory at the Star Hollow Dance Marathon?

Would you have had a breakdown about not getting into Harvard like Paris had on camera?

How would you react to finding out you got into Harvard?

Did you like the way Emily and Richard responded to Rory's choice to go to Yale?

What did you think of Jess for not saying goodbye to Rory when he moved to California?

How cool of it was Rory to thank her grandparents at graduation?

Would you thank your mom during a speech?

What did you think of Lorelai when she went back to get Rory when she got sick at college?

What did you think of Lane sneaking in to see her mom and her grandmother when they were fighting?

What did you think of Jess showing up at Yale?

Did you like the dress Lorelai wore to Luke's sister's wedding?

Did you need tissues when Lorelai and Luke had their first kiss at the Dragonfly Inn?

How did you feel about Rory getting involved with the Life and Death Brigade?

Do you think Dean was made to feel out of place at Emily and Richard's when he and Rory broke up?

Did you cry when Richard and Emily renewed their vows?

Did you think it was sweet of Rory to comfort Lorelai after she was dumped by Luke?

Did you scream when Lorelai proposed to Luke?

What did you think of Jess telling Rory he owed his success to her?

Would you stay up with a sick pet like Lorelai?

How did you feel when Lorelai called herself a bad mother?

When Logan left for London, did you like Rory's goodbye?

What did you think of Lorelai's karaoke performance?

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About This Quiz

Since it first aired on the WB in 2000, "Gilmore Girls" kept audiences coming back week after week. While chronicling the love life and times of Rory, Lorelai, and friends, the tales of love, heartbreak, and personal growth gave all of us the relatable feels. But would you have reacted the way they would have reacted to any moment of the show?

Whether you are a little forgetful like Sookie or a whole lot wisecracking like Lorelai, we’re betting that you share a lot of traits someone from the Gilmore Girl’s cast of characters! As you think about how you would have reacted to Richard being harsh with Lorelai at her job, try to be truthful with yourself. Are you as practical as Lane or as driven as Rory? Or would you have had a different reaction to many different scenarios?

If you thought Jess was a real jerk for the way he left town, he might be more like Lorelai than you imagine. The only way to find out is to pretend the things that happened to the characters actually happened to you. Then, we’ll let you know which Gilmore Girl you are most like! Let’s go to Stars Hollow and get started!  

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