Tell Us What You're Like in Romantic Relationships and We'll Guess If You Have Siblings

Talin Vartanian

Would you cook for your significant other?

Are you the breadwinner in a relationship?

Would you shower your significant other with gifts?

Would you show your significant other any affection?

Would you live with your significant other?

How much money would you spend on a gift for your significant other?

Would you do your significant other's laundry?

Who would be in charge of cleaning duties and chores?

Would you ever surprise your significant other?

Which of the following communication methods would you use towards your significant other?

Do you compromise well in a relationship?

What is the key to a strong relationship?

Would you be dependent on your significant other for happiness?

It's your significant other's birthday. What type of card are you getting them?

Your significant other wants to see a movie that you don't want to see. What do you do?

Picture your ideal significant other. What do you admire about them?

Your significant other forgot to do the dishes. What do you do?

Would you introduce your significant other to friends and family?

What would you and your significant other do for fun?

Your significant other made you a drawing that looks terrible. What do you say?

Would you and your significant other have nicknames for each other?

Do you think you're a caring person?

Do you get jealous easily?

Would you be protective over your significant other?

How long would you date your significant other before talking about marriage?

Do you prefer noisy or quiet environments?

Do you mind if your significant other hangs out with a lot of friends without you?

How late would you and your significant other sleep in?

Can you imagine having a family with your significant other?

Your significant other is late from work, but hasn't called or texted you. What do you do?

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About This Quiz

In this quiz, we're taking a close look at how you are in a romantic relationship. Based on the details you provide for us, we're going to determine exactly how many siblings you have! Are you an only child or do you have many siblings? Maybe you only have 1 or 2 siblings. Whatever the case may be, it's time to take this quiz to see if we can guess just how many siblings you have!

Those with many siblings in a household tend to be very caring, because they're used to taking care of their brothers and sisters. Household chores like doing the dishes, laundry or cleaning the floors are usually no big deal because everyone can share these types of cleaning responsibilities! Though not all people with siblings tend to get along with each other, they're used to having someone they care about in their life that's forever a part of their family.

Those who are only children are typically very headstrong and can easily take care of themselves. They don't have many people to rely on for help, so they're also used to learning new things on their own. If you're ready to see how many siblings you have, let's get started on this quiz right now!

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