Quiz: Tell Us Which of These Acronyms You Use and We'll Guess if You're Baby Boomer, Gen X, or Millennial!
Tell Us Which of These Acronyms You Use and We'll Guess if You're Baby Boomer, Gen X, or Millennial!
By: Teresa M.
Image: Uwe Krejci/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

There's a considerable difference between acronyms and abbreviations! Made from the first letter of each word in a phrase or name, acronyms translate to being an actual phrase. How many of them do you use when you text, write or use when you talk to your friends? The number you tell us about will help us figure out if you're a Baby Boomer, a Gen-Xer, or a Millennial.

Acronyms come, and acronyms go just like any good trend. While more and more prefer emojis to replace typing letters, some of us still like using letters like LOL or EG to let our reader know how we feel. As we go through our acronym quiz, we will ask you about a variety of acronyms. Don't worry if you don't know what it means! That's what will tell us which generation you belong in. 

By the time you've finished, we'll give you a big WTG, and we'll take our best guess about your age range. You think you might be able to stump us, but we are pretty confident you'll give yourself away with the acronyms you use. TTFN, and we'll see you at the end with our best guess!

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