Quiz: Tell Us About Your BBQ Cravings and We'll Tell You if You're a Cowboy or a Rodeo Clown
Tell Us About Your BBQ Cravings and We'll Tell You if You're a Cowboy or a Rodeo Clown
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

There's nothing more mouthwatering than a summertime barbecue, but your personal barbecue cravings are always unique. While some folks like a sweet and tangy sauce, others can't live without a spicy, vinegar-based drizzle. Once you add in the smorgasbord of regional sides and desserts you find yourself craving, we'll know more about you than your own mother. 

As we learn more about your cravings, we'll know if you pop out of a barrel or if you stand tall on your horse. We'll know a lot more about you than that, but this is some of the most pressing information you could ever need to know about yourself. Imagine how your future career path will open up for you more than you ever dreamed it could! 

Few people are braver than cowboys or rodeo clowns, so try to bulk up on the BBQ foods you need to get you through the next bull ride. Those steers might be tough, but you either know how to handle them or how to distract them. We'll be able to tell by the way you load up a plate. 

Gather 'round the wagons, and grab some cornbread or a biscuit. You'll need the energy when you're being stared in the eye by an angry stud! 

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