Tell Us About Your Beauty Routine and We'll Reveal What % High Maintenance You Are

Khadija L.

How long does it take you to get ready?

About how many products do you use?

How important is your outward appearance to you?

Which of these celebs do you try to channel when putting on makeup?

What brand do most of your products come from?

How much do you spend on products every month?

How heavy handed are you with your makeup?

What do you put on your skin before applying your makeup?

What do you use as a base?

What kind of products do you use on your eyebrows?

What color eyeshadow best compliments your eyes?

What do you do to your eyelashes?

What kind of mascara do you own?

What kind of foundation do you use?

What do you use to apply it?

Where do you put concealer?

What do you do to carve out those cheekbones?

What kind of blush do you use?

What do you usually put on your lips?

What lip color do you usually go for?

What do you use to set your makeup?

Have you ever paid for someone else to do your make-up?

Can all of your makeup fit into a regular sized make-up bag?

How do you get makeup off?

Which of these types of cleansers works best for you?

Do you usually use toner?

Which of these trends would you add to your next look?

Which of these perfumes would you use before heading out?

Which set of nails do you prefer to have painted?

What is your signature nail color?

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About This Quiz

Whether you wear a full face of makeup or some sunscreen and some lip balm, you have a beauty routine, and for many years, people have spent time trying to perfect it to make sure that their skin looks healthy and flawless wherever they go.

Along the spectrum of beauty routines, there are some of us who go all out and spend lots of money on products and procedures with an advanced 15-step routine that will keep us looking youthful, and there are also those who use a simple cleanser twice daily. 

Being high-maintenance hasn't always been something to aspire to be, and over the last couple of centuries, people who fit the description have gotten a bad rap. Over the last decade or so, people have embraced their "high maintenance" status and rather than worry about what people think, they've carried on being themselves.

Do you fit the description of being high maintenance? Well, tell us everything about your beauty routine from how long it takes you to get ready to what you use to remove your makeup and we will let you know what percent high maintenance you are. Will you be shocked at the results? Take this quiz to find out!

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