Tell Us About Your Boyfriend and We'll Guess If He Loves His Car More Than He Loves You

Brian Whitney

How often does he say he loves you?

Does he spend more money on you or his car?

How much time does he spend working on his car?

Does he know much about cars?

Does he talk about other cars he wants?

Is he jealous of other people who have nicer cars than he does?

Does he ever want to walk anywhere?

Does he watch a lot of car YouTube videos?

Which of these shows would he watch?

Do you ever drive when you go places together?

How much is his car worth?

Does he drive stick?

Who does he call his baby?

How often does he talk about cars?

Does he ever just go for a drive for fun?

Which movie would he be most likely to see?

Is he romantic?

How often does he wash his car?

Have you ever gone on a long road trip with him?

Does he watch car racing on TV?

Has he ever taken you to a car race?

Did he build a go-kart as a kid?

Where does he park his car?

Does he own a lot of tools?

Can he change a tire?

What word would describe him?

Does he like to build things?

Does he like motorcycles?

Does he hang out with your friends?

Does he listen to you when you talk?

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About This Quiz

Some guys aren't that into cars. Sure, they like them; everyone likes an easy way to get from one place to another, and sometimes guys use cars as a status symbol, so people think they are successful, or that they make a lot of money. However, none of these guys actually love their cars; they are using them either for transportation or even just as a way to appear cool. 

But then there are the other types of guys. They wake up first thing in the morning and can't wait to see the love of their lives, which is why when they roll over and get out of bed instead of kissing their girlfriend or their wife, they go out to the garage and take a look at what they consider to be true beauty. Their car. 

Are you one of those women who is destined to always come in second place to your man's car? It isn't like he is going to tell you that he loves his car more than you; that is one of those things that you have to figure out on your own. Does he ever hold your hand while driving, or are both hands always touching the car? Take this quiz to find out the truth, then go out to the garage and tell your man what you found out. Or actually, maybe you better wait until he comes back inside.

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