Tell Us About Your Company Holiday Party and We'll Tell You How to Wear Your Hair

By: Teresa M.

Where does your company hold their holiday party?

Are you allowed to decorate your office?

Which holiday decoration might be found on your desk?

What does your company usually give employees as gifts?

What kind of music is played at your party?

Which non-alcoholic drink would your coworkers like most?

How would you make sure your drunken coworker gets home from the holiday party?

Does your office holiday party get a little wild?

Which version of a gift exchange does your company use?

Which charity would your company support during the holidays?

Which department gets the drunkest at company parties?

What do you think your boss deserves as a gift?

When does your company hold their holiday party?

What kind of cookies would you take to the party?

If you had to buy a gift for an unknown coworker, what would you buy?

Does anyone give a speech at your office party?

Which word best describes the mood at your company's party?

Will you do any dancing with your coworkers?

What kind of food does your company serve at the holiday party?

What are you most likely to wear?

Do you enjoy your company's holiday parties?

What do you do after your holiday party?

Does Santa Claus come to your party?

Do you take a guest to your holiday party?

How long do your parties last?

Would you ever spike the punch at an office party?

How long does it take you to get ready for your holiday party?

What kind of decorations does your office use?

If your company held a holiday potluck, what would you take?

What is the best part of your holiday party?

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About This Quiz

When it comes the time to step away from your desk and get festive with your coworkers, what should you do your hair? Fill us in on the details of your job's holiday party, and we'll help you find the perfect style!

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