Quiz: Tell Us About Your Craziest Drunken Antics and We'll Tell You Which Rock Star You Are!
Tell Us About Your Craziest Drunken Antics and We'll Tell You Which Rock Star You Are!
By: Steven Miller
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About This Quiz

If you're here, chances are that you've gotten drunk a time or five. Chances are you've gotten drunk and done some weird, crazy and hilarious things. And in true Zoo fashion, we're turning your drunken antics into a quiz that'll tell us (and you) which rockstar you are. So we want you to tell us how many times you've been arrested while you were drunk, how many times you've been streaking, how many times you've woken up next to a stranger while drunk and how many times you've regretted drinking. In return, we'll tell you which rockstar you are.

Everyone knows drinking and rock stars go hand in hand. So who will your drunken antics say you're most like? Are you like Keith Moon? Are you the kind of person who accidentally or not-so-accidentally destroys things when alcohol enters your system? Or are you more like Keith Richards? Are you and the cops best friends when you have one-too-many vodkas?  Maybe you're really Ozzy Osbourne.  Are you a party animal when you're drunk but a sweetheart when you're sober? Or are you Iggy Pop? Do you become enemies with your clothing when you have a few drinks in your system? By now you must be jonesing to find out which rocker you are. All you need to do now is to tell us the things you get into when you're hammered. 

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Have you ever thrown anything out of a window when you were drunk?

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Which vacation spot would you rather party in?

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Which fashion style best fits your look when you party?

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Which location would you rather party in?

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Which style of music would you rather listen to while you're partying?

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How would you describe your love life?

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When was the last time you found yourself mumbling, "I'm never drinking again", while your head rested against the side of the toilet?

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How much of your current debt is directly related to purchases you made while partying?

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Which person would you rather party with?

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What is your drink of choice?

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