Tell Us Your Disney Preferences and We'll Guess Your Birth Month

Ian Fortey

When Disney first proposed the idea of Disney princesses, they had eight in the original line-up. Which original princess did you like the most?

Which of these non-human Disney characters do you like the best?

Are there any Disney sequels that you feel are even better than the originals?

Do you prefer live action, animated or CG Disney movies?

Disney has a lot of heroes to choose from, but which one do you like best?

Which classic Disney character do you like the most?

Old-school Disney princesses were a little bit helpless, but recently they've grown much tougher. Which princess do you think is the most powerful?

Which comedy sidekick is the best in all of Disney's history?

There are literally hundreds of Disney movies out there. How many would you say you've seen?

Disney found big success with "Pirates of the Caribbean," but that's not the only movie based on a ride. Which other ride-based movie did you like?

Are there any Disney villains that you kind of sympathize with?

Which of these movies could you stand to watch over and over again?

Not every Disney movie is destined to be a classic. Which one do you like the least?

Part of the appeal of a Disney movie is often the music. What movie can you sing along with effortlessly?

Some Disney princesses clearly have more style than others. Who knew how to dress?

Disney seems to be pretty cat-friendly. Which Disney kitty is the best?

If you could snag a Disney character as a pet, which one would you choose?

Some Disney characters have absolutely amazing powers. Whose powers would you like to borrow for a day?

One reason Disney movies are great is that they're set in beautiful worlds. If you could live in a Disney movie world, which one would it be?

Dogs have some big roles in the world of Disney. Which movie about dogs was best?

Disney does a pretty good job with science fiction. Which sci-fi Disney movie is best?

In a world with so many princesses, you can't help but have a little romance. Who had the greatest romance in Disney history?

If there's one thing Disney can do well, it's tug at your heartstrings. Which movie features the most heart-breaking scene?

Most Disney movies feature at least a few jokes, but which movie do you think is the absolute funniest?

They say "parents just don't understand," and that's really true in Disney. Which Disney parent really did the worst job of parenting?

Not every sidekick is a Chatty Cathy. Some don't talk at all. Which silent friend was the best?

Which of the seven dwarfs do you relate to the most?

If Mickey Mouse is the most iconic Disney character, what character do you feel is just a step below?

Which of the Disney princes seems like he'd be worth getting to know?

Disney World is iconic, but which other Disney theme park would you want to visit?

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Image: The Walt Disney Company

About This Quiz

Could any other film company ever hope to come close to doing what Disney does? No other animation studio, no matter how hard they've tried, has ever been able to get a handle on what makes Disney so magical.  There's just something in that Disney formula that makes the perfect mix of story and character.  The animation style, the voice acting, the lessons we learn and the adventures we go on are so much more vibrant at Disney. That's why the company has been at the top of its game for decades now and has produced literally hundreds of films that people want to watch over and over again.

With all those choices at Disney, there are bound to be a few that you really like more than others -  some characters and stories that click with you on a bit of a deeper level than others, and that's how it should be.  They're making these movies for everyone, so they need that variety.  And since there is such a variety, we're willing to bet we can learn some significant things about you, based solely on your Disney preferences.  

In fact, if you let us know what you like and dislike from Disney, we'll tell you what month you were born in. We don't even need Aladdin's lamp to do it.  Take the quiz and see!

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