Tell Us Your Disney Preferences and We'll Guess Your True Zodiac Sign

Khadija L.

Which of these animated films have you seen at least three times?

Which of these live action films do you own on DVD?

Which Disney-Pixar film franchise was your favorite?

Which live action remake are you most looking forward to?

Which of these recent releases would you watch with your kids?

Which of these movies was the saddest to watch?

In your opinion, which of these was the worst Disney movie?

Which Disney prince/princess is most like you?

Which of the seven dwarfs best characterizes your mood in a daily basis?

Which of these quotes strikes a chord with you?

Which of these songs do you know by heart?

Which classic character would you be friends with?

Which sidekick would have your back?

Which of these heroes would come to your rescue?

Which non princess/non prince would you be roommates with?

Whose castle would you move into?

Which of these Disney parents reminds you of your own?

Which sibling duo/trio reminds you of your own?

Which Disney horse would be your companion?

Which of these forms of transportation is your favorite?

Which of these couples do you want to be like when you get older?

Which villain would you help reform their ways?

Which of the Disney Gods so you want to meet?

Which of these destinations would you go to on vacation?

Which of these parks would you love to visit?

Which of these popular rides do you want to go on?

Which of these treats would you eat at a Disney park?

Which of these Disney channel shows do you like best?

Which of these 1990’s throwback shows have you seen?

How many Disney movies do you think you have seen?

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Image: Walt Disney Pictures

About This Quiz

There are very people in this world who dislike Disney movies, and because the vast majority enjoy watching both the movies and the television shows, everyone has things that they prefer about this multimedia franchise. There are those of us who have favorite princes and princesses, favorite sidekicks and castles, favorite songs and sayings as well as favorite theme parks and attractions. 

For the last century, the company has created over 100 movies and just as many shows, and they have also brought their creations to life in their different parks and attractions scattered around the world. Every year, millions of people go to these places not only to see their favorite characters but also to relive their childhood dreams.

Everyone has an astrological sign, but have you ever wondered what your true sign was? For most of us, our signs describe different aspects of our personality, but others may have signs that would be better suited for them. If you tell us all of your preferences, from outfits to parents, then we will tell you what your true sign is. Will it be the same as your current sign? Take this quiz to find out!

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