Quiz: Tell Us Your Disney Princess Preferences and We'll Reveal Which Real-Life Princess You're Most Like
Tell Us Your Disney Princess Preferences and We'll Reveal Which Real-Life Princess You're Most Like
By: Zoe Samuel
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America may be a proud democracy, but that doesn't mean it doesn't appreciate a little fictional monarchy now and then - especially when it comes with a bright-colored cartoon image and a cute animal sidekick. Disney princesses have filled this need in the American imagination for eight decades now, bringing us great songs, tales of coming of age, and a host of Oscar nominations and wins. Heroes like Pocahontas, Ariel, Moana, Anna, and Tiana have taken on villains and destroyed them with the power of love, integrity, and always standing up for what you believe in no matter what the cost.

However, alongside these fictional princesses, we've also enjoyed some pretty great real-life role models who happen to be princesses. This used to be a rather limited role in which a woman would marry into a royal family or inherit a position within one, and then make it her purpose in life to produce the so-called "an heir and a spare." There might be a little light philanthropy and a lot of attending the right parties, but that was it. Now, princesses are philanthropic leaders, businesswomen, and equals to their husbands who nearly always have top-of-the-line educations.

What do your preferences about the first group tell us about which of the second group you might be emulating, wittingly or not, in real life? Let's find out!

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