Quiz: Tell Us About Your Eating Habits and We'll Guess What Animal You Are
Tell Us About Your Eating Habits and We'll Guess What Animal You Are
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Sure, your eating habits can give a lot away about your health, but what else can they tell others about you? For one, they can tell us what kind of animal you are most like. Everyone has heard the phrase "eats like a bird," so it only makes sense than eating habits and animals walk hand in hand.

Whether you graze like a rabbit or you chow down on the nearest unsuspecting tourist like a hungry bear coming out of hibernation, the way you eat relates to your inner primal instincts. Human beings are, after all, animals! The only real difference is that we've been taught to use napkins, knives, and forks. 

As you go through the quiz, choose the foods you like most or the answer that says the most about you. We won't share your answers with a single soul, so answer honestly. We want to make sure we match you with the animal you could easily turn into overnight! 

Finding out what animal you are is easier than turning into a werewolf! Sit down at an endless table with us, and take your pick! Then, we'll do some calculating and tell us which animal your eating habits make you! 

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