Quiz: Tell Us About Your Favorite Cars and We'll Tell You Which Country You Should Live In
Tell Us About Your Favorite Cars and We'll Tell You Which Country You Should Live In
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

A car is a lifestyle object, a business suit, and an ego all rolled into one. A car is a place people spend a lot of time sitting in traffic, so vehicles are customized to the tastes of drivers, sometimes more than their homes! Cars are built for specific purposes, like carting families around, carving corners, or rounding a gravel chicane with two dogs in the back seats.

When you boil them down though, most cars can accomplish what we ask of them. Much of what motivates a car purchase is emotion, and we get these emotions from the packaging and few unique characteristics of cars. The fascia and grille of a vehicle can make our hearts pound. The styling of the belt line can make us think a car looks tough. 

Add a few actual features, like skid plates or summer only tires, and you have a char with character. Like owning a dog or being on a sports team, a car reinforces your sense of identity. It is a physical representation of your dreams, and what you think you represent right now.

So tell us about your favorite cars, and we'll let you know where you should hit the road because some places are more amenable to your proclivities than others. With the right car in the right country, you can't go wrong.

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