Tell Us About Your Favorite Country Songs and We'll Tell You Which Dog Would Be Your Faithful Companion

Zoe Samuel

Which is the best Tim McGraw song?

Which Carrie Underwood song do you love?

Where do you listen to music?

Do you prefer more modern or older country music?

Can you stand to listen to music without a slide guitar?

Which is a great Rascal Flatts song?

Which Brad Paisley song are you rocking out to?

Who listens to music with you?

How much music do you listen to every day?

How do you listen to music?

Which is a good country song about family?

What's a good country song about the actual country?

Which Gretchen Wilson song do you love?

What Luke Bryan song relaxes you?

Do you like Hank Williams?

How do you feel about the professionalization of country music?

Ever been to Nashville?

Do you play an instrument?

Do you line dance?

Do you swing dance?

Who's the awesomest singer of the following: Jimmy Buffett, Alan Jackson, Josh Gracin, Keith Urban?

Which Leann Rimes song is stuck in your head?

What's a good topic for a country song?

How do you feel about singing about God?

Which song about drinking do you like best?

Which of these songs about horses makes you smile?

What piece of cowboy/cowgirl attire can you not live without?

Who do you sing in front of?

If you feel so happy, why do you cry?

How does your dog feel about your music choices?

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A dog is man's best friend, but if you select the right dog, you can make that friendship even stronger and more lasting. Making sure you have the same priorities can help!

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