Quiz: Tell Us Your Favorite Things and We'll Guess Your Eye Color!
Tell Us Your Favorite Things and We'll Guess Your Eye Color!
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The eyes are the windows to the soul. So what color are yours? We're betting we can guess if you tell us some of your favorite things! 

Many different things can determine eye colors, but it is mainly an inherited trait. Inherited traits are those things about ourselves that we have because our parents, grandparents or other ancestors have possessed. The number of genes involved in contributing to one's eye color is still somewhat of a mystery, but possible candidates have been narrowed down. 

Eye colors range from very dark browns or almost blacks to incredibly light blue shades. The eye colors that have been accepted include blue, amber (not to be confused with hazel), brown, grey, green, hazel, red and violet; the latter two are often forms of albinism.  Babies are known to be born with one particular color and have it change as they grow up (regardless of their heritage). 

Eye colors have also been associated with different personality traits (like green for stubbornness and spontaneity), as well, as specific likes and dislikes. Do you want us to guess your eye color based on the things that you like? Take this quiz to see how well we do.  

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