Quiz: Tell Us About Your Food Cravings and We'll Tell You if You're Going to Have a Boy or a Girl!
Tell Us About Your Food Cravings and We'll Tell You if You're Going to Have a Boy or a Girl!
By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

Oh, to be pregnant! A joy and a pain that men will never know (that is if you don't count the guy who tried). The best thing about being pregnant is carrying a life inside you and feeling it grow as the days go by. The second best? Getting to eat whatever you want, whenever you want because, well, your baby wants it. But what will that baby or babies be? 

We want to reveal the gender of your baby to you, but the only way for us to do that is for you to tell us what that tiny life inside you has been making you eat. Have you been going for the extra sweet stuff, something a bit salty or bitter, or have you wanted to get some grass into your mouth for the past three months? We'll ask you all that and more, just to guess your baby's sex.

And we're pretty sure nothing can determine the sex better than our quiz except an ultrasound. So forget all the myths you've heard about boys sitting lower in the belly while girls are higher. We've got the cheapest (free!) gender revealing method in the known universe. So, tell us what you've been feeling for this past few months so that we can guess the gender of your baby or babies. 

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