Tell Us About Your Handwriting and We'll Reveal Your True Personality

By: Zoe Samuel

Do you hold a pen the "correct" way?

How fast are you?

Do you have any little curly extra bits on the letters?

Could someone tell that you're writing nowadays instead of in Ye Olden Times?

How is your spelling?

Do you make a lot of errors you have to correct?

How often do you smudge?

Does writing bore you?

Do you use a lot of abbreviations?

What is a good reason to write it by hand?

Do you keep your old letters?

Did you ever keep a diary by hand?

Can you write neat lines on a blank page?

Can you do math with a pen?

How legible is your writing?

Can you write with your non-dominant hand?

Can you do mirror writing?

How uniform are your letters?

What sort of pen do you prefer?

Were you that kid who told the teacher there was no point learning this because you would use a computer?

Do you rather like how writing feels?

Do people admire your writing?

How distinctive is your writing?

How similar is your writing to that of the person who taught you?

Are you proud of your writing?

Do you think it's still important for kids to write properly?

Other than signing your name, what's the most common way for you to use a pen these days?

Do you find that writing something down helps you remember it?

How do you feel about people who have bad handwriting?

How do you feel about people who have very good handwriting?

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About This Quiz

Children have been complaining about handwriting since the dawn of the written word. We all moaned about how it was complicated, and we didn't understand how it all fit together. Sometimes it made our hands ache. These days, children have even more ammunition to complain about being expected to write cursive, as there are so many more devices on which to write and literally everyone learns to type. Indeed, with voice recognition, it's entirely possible that typing itself may one day go the way of the dodo.

However, handwriting will always be valuable. It helps to wire up parts of your brain associated with language, and there's a mountain of proof that it makes you smarter and better able to communicate. It assists you in developing excellent motor skills with your hand. It's also still true that there is absolutely no substitute for a handwritten note when it's time to mark a special occasion. It's also just one of those things that you have to be able to do to really call yourself a grownup, like cooking a basic meal or re-wiring a plug.

How you write is very personal, such that a person's writing is one way to tell which words are theirs. It also conveys a little about how they felt at the time - rushed, happy, angry, etc. - and even who they are inside. So tell us about your writing, and we'll let you know what you're secretly telling the world through your pen!

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