Quiz: Tell Us About Your Love for Metal Music and Give You a Hardcore Band Name!
Tell Us About Your Love for Metal Music and Give You a Hardcore Band Name!
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Loving metal music isn't like loving other kinds of music! A true fan of metal can handle any transition a song might have, and they feel the lyrics more profoundly than other types of music fans. Metal is an expression of the less popular emotions that everyone has, and it takes a particular kind of person to embrace the darker side of music. Once we learn about your metal love, we'll be able to give you your very own hardcore band name!

Are you more of an Electric Wizard fan than a Metallica fan? Sharing the kind of metal you love, the instruments you dig, and your lifestyle, we'll get a pretty good idea about the type of person you are. Music always gives a lot away about someone, but metal gets straight to the core of your hardcore being. Metal explores sides of people that they must be open to exploring, and we know that you will ace this metal quiz as well as Lemmy Kilmister could have! 

You don't have to wear all black or a studded collar to take the quiz, but we do recommend playing something loud and proud in the background. After we understand your love for metal, we'll name your hardcore band! 

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