Quiz: Tell Us Your Makeup Preferences and We'll Recommend the Perfect Foundation!
Tell Us Your Makeup Preferences and We'll Recommend the Perfect Foundation!
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

To those of us who use foundation, we know that it's an essential part of our makeup routine. You see, foundation does exactly what its name says it's supposed to do: it lays the foundation for all the other makeup you're going to apply to your face, whether or not you put it on first, or almost last. But picking the right kind of foundation can be an absolute headache at times. So, we want to help you out. We want to tell you what type of foundation is best for you.

Should you go with the ever-popular liquid foundation? It's the most versatile of them all and is used all over the world. Or should you try the cream version? The application is smooth, but it's a bit dewy. Maybe mineral powder is the way to go. It's perfect if you have sensitive skin. Last but not least should you go with the cushion type? It's thing in South Korea, but it has so many goodies for your skin. 

If you want us to recommend the foundation we think is best for your skin, get started on this quiz. You'll look so great if you take our advice, we promise!

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