Tell Us About Your Military Family and We'll Guess Which Service Branch You're In

Teresa McGlothlin

What role did you play in your military family?

How would your military family describe your work?

What did you enjoy doing on weekends together?

Are you still in touch with them?

Which "M*A*S*H" character was your best military buddy most like?

Did you go to basic training with your military family?

Did you have a lot of parties?

Were any of you ever deployed?

Which sport did your buddies like most?

How would you describe your military family in one word?

Did you help one another move?

What dish would you take to a military family reunion?

What do you miss most about them?

What kind of advice did your military friends give?

Have your family met your military family?

How do you stay in touch?

Do any of your military family live near you?

Would you rather be stuck on a deserted island with your civilian or military family?

Did you carpool with your military family?

Did you share similar beliefs as your military family?

Were you the leader of the pack?

How would your military family describe your sense of humor?

Did you ever go shopping together?

What did your military family help you with most?

Did you ever go on vacation with your military family?

Are you the most high-maintenance member of your military family?

If a military family member came to visit, what would you do?

How would your military family feel about your life now?

Would you trust your military family with your life?

Were your military family members the best friends you've ever had?

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About This Quiz

During your time in the military, you were surrounded by a support system like no other. Your peers became your family, and they became part of your life. Once you tell us all about them, we'll be able to figure out which branch of the military you served in. 

Whether you were surrounded by a bunch of tough but tenderhearted Marines or your friends were the nerds that kept the Navy's technological systems humming, your military family were a valuable part of the time you spent in the service. During this quiz, we are going to ask you about their traits, their hobbies and the things you did together. By the time you're done describing them, we'll be able to figure out if your military family were airmen or soldiers. 

Each branch of the military instilled a different set of traits and attitudes in you and each person in your military family. Once you fill us in on all the details of your relationships and why they meant so much to you, the branch you all called home will be clear. Choose the answer that you feel best represents your military Brady Bunch, and we'll take our best shot at the branch you joined before you knew them!

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