Quiz: Tell Us About Your Morning Routine and We'll Tell You What Breed of Dog You Are
Tell Us About Your Morning Routine and We'll Tell You What Breed of Dog You Are
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The routines you have in place say a lot about your personality. Each of us has a certain way that we go about waking up and getting ready for our day. By analyzing the way in which you go from the sounding of the alarm to walking out the front door, we think we'll be able to get a good read on the kind of person you are. Once we have that information, we can pair you up with a dog breed that shows a lot of similar characteristics.

For example, if you tend to keep things pretty simple in the morning and you have a very laid-back and friendly demeanor from the moment you roll out of bed, then we'll be leaning towards matching you up with the kind and gentle Labrador Retriever.

On the other hand, if you're a total grump in the mornings and you tend to hit the snooze button so much that it seems a waste to have even set the alarm in the first place, the Basset Hound might be the right fit for you. If you're as likely to skip the shower as to take one and your room looks like a tornado just touched down nearby, we're even more convinced that this dirty dog breed is the one that's meant for you.

Are you ready to go get that answer? Who's a good dog?

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How long are you likely to spend on your hair?

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How would you generally describe your mood when you first wake up?

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Which description best matches your appearance as you walk out the door?

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Which are you more likely to read while on the toilet?

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