Tell Us Your Must-Have Features and We'll Tell You Which American Truck Is Right for You!

Jody Mabry

It's raining outside; how do you handle the rain in your truck?

Which of these are you most likely to tow on a weekend?

What's the first thing you do when you slide into your truck's interior?

What are your friends likely to ask you to help them with that would need your truck?

How good are you with directions?

What type of work do you need to run out of your truck?

Do you need a step-up to get into a truck?

How do you handle your blind-spot?

What way would you like to describe your truck's look?

What kind of music do you listen to on road trips?

What is the best way to back up your truck while hauling a trailer?

You're driving through the hill, but don't want to flash someone with your brights. How do you adjust?

How big of a cab do you need?

You got a truck, but do you really need a hitch?

What electronics would you run out of your truck?

Which off-road accessory is most important to you?

Which is most important to you?

Which of these would make you feel better while driving your truck?

What is the most important thing for you to see on your electronic control center?

Which driver assist feature is most important to you?

What do you typically carry in your bed?

How big of a truck bed do you need?

What's the best truck bed feature?

Tire size - is bigger better?

What's the roughest terrain you plan to drive on?

What kind of interior seats do you prefer?

Which is more important?

How big should your cup holders be?

Which safety feature is most important to you?

Why do you own a truck?

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About This Quiz

You are the kind of person that loves trucks, and when you think about buying one, you wouldn't consider buying anything but an American one. But when it comes time to actually buy the truck that you want, what sort of features will you need? Or maybe you won't need any of them, exactly, but we are sure you will want a whole bunch of them. 

For one thing, just because you have a truck, doesn't mean you can't have some roomy back seats for some extra passengers, and you might as well make those leather while you are at it,  and since you might have more people in the back you totally want to have a killer back-up camera to make things easier. You are probably going to want some large mirrors, and if you want to go off-roading you are going to want to get yourself hooked up with some underbody protection, as well as some strong tow hooks just in case. And obviously, you are probably going to want a tow hitch, because what is the point of having a truck if you can't haul something? 

Actually, why don't we make this easier? Take this quiz and we will let you know what American truck you should buy, based on your preferences.

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