Tell Us About Your Personality and We'll Tell You Where in the US You Should Live

By: Zoe Samuel

Do you like most people?

How much time do you like to spend on your own?

What's the best way to spend a night off?

How should the air feel, ideally?

Do you get on well with your immediate family?

Do you like to drink?

Can you live without good internet?

What outdoor activity do you like best?

Do you worry a lot?

How resourceful are you when help is far away?

Do you know how to deal with fake people?

Do you mind paying a lot of rent?

Do you need to be near a major cultural center?

Could you be productive working from home?

Do you like being around people who mostly agree, politically?

What industry would you most like to work in?

What do you think of vegetarianism?

How concerned are you about the planet?

Do you want to know your neighbors?

What dangers are you happy to face?

Do you ever plan to start your own business?

Do you mind being able to hear the neighbors?

Do you like driving a car?

Do you want to live somewhere with a million opportunities?

What pet do you want to own?

Do you get nervous in crowded spaces?

Do you want to be on the bleeding edge?

Do you mind the thought of your home being swallowed up by rising seas within 50 years?

Do you like to be a big fish in a small pond?

Are you easily bored?

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About This Quiz

A person's character is obviously not just one thing. You might be really shy but also very creative. You might be super intense and ambitious, but also very much a fan of spending time in nature and making sure you appreciate Mother Earth. You might be really book-smart, but absolutely awful with meeting new people. 

What's also true is that while you may have many facets to your personality, some of them are bigger factors in what lifestyle you need than others are. If you're very community-oriented, that may necessitate a small town, even though you could also be super artsy and thus prefer the cultural offerings of a large city. The solution; a small town with good transport links.

Fortunately, America's 50 states contain a vast range of options for you, with multiple states offering multiple lifestyles simply because they're absolutely enormous. After all, the way you might live in Miami is very different from how you'd live in a place like the remote corners of the Everglades. That's why we've designed this quiz to figure out a spot that will suit you based on your personality, your priorities, and what you need from your surroundings. Let's get started!

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