Quiz: Tell Us About Your Personality and We'll Guess Which Mythical Creature Lives in Your Soul
Tell Us About Your Personality and We'll Guess Which Mythical Creature Lives in Your Soul
By: Brian Whitney
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About This Quiz

When we first heard of mythical creatures as children, and even when we hear of them as adults, we are drawn to some of these incredible beings. Some of it might be because of their physical appearance, but other times it is because these creatures have such intense and memorable personalities. 

Take the dragon, for example, who despite having an awesome power, it seems to get off on being a little bit sneaky. However, most of them are never truly evil; they want to do their own thing.  

Or what of lesser-known creatures like the siren, who can convince people of anything, even if it might not be in their best interest. Then there are some like the manticore, who we know next to nothing about. What mysterious personalities do they have? 

You're pretty mysterious too, don't sell yourself short. When you go off to work in the morning, no one at your job has any idea what sort of mythical creature resides beneath your persona, getting ready to rise up. 

Which is probably a good idea, you totally need your dental plan, and next year you move up to having three weeks vacation a year, no need to mess that up because your inner being is a cyclops. Take this quiz and find out which mythical creature is just like you, if you dare.

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