Quiz: Tell Us About Your Procrastination Habits and We'll Guess Which College You Were Accepted To
Tell Us About Your Procrastination Habits and We'll Guess Which College You Were Accepted To
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Are you the type that gets a final notice before you pay a bill? While some of us believe there's no time like the present, others of us think there's never a reason to get in a hurry. The things you put off, and the things you do promptly, will give away your deepest, darkest procrastination habits. They will also reveal which college you got into! Provided, of course, you remembered to show up for the SAT. 

Sometimes, procrastinating is a simple matter of forgetfulness; other times, it's a learned behavior passed down from our role models. Then, there are those of us that simply see no reason to do today what you can put off until tomorrow. By our logic, if you are a timely, prompt, and organized person, you probably got accepted to Yale. If you tend to put things off until you absolutely have to do them, you may have gone to Local U. Nevertheless, there might be a possibility that we are all wrong and your academic traits outweigh your procrastination habits. 

Tell us how you handle a few scenarios, and we'll be able to pin down your potential Alma Mater! You won't be graded, but we will let you know where we think you went to school. Then, we'll tell you later. 

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