Tell Us About Your Relationship and We'll Guess What Style of Engagement Ring Best Suits You

Kennita Leon

Spill the beans! How long did you two know each other before you started dating?

How did you meet?

Were you interested at first sight?

Who got in touch with who first?

Where did you guys go on your first date?

Who paid the tab?

How was your first date?

Did either of you ask for a second date straight away?

How long after your first date was the first kiss?

Who leaned in for a kiss first?

How was the first kiss?

After how many dates did you two become official?

Have you guys, you know... done it yet?

Did you fall in love with your partner quickly?

What character trait of your partner is your favorite?

Do you two live together?

Where does date night usually take place?

Do either of you have kids?

How has the relationship been thus far?

What's your biggest pet peeve about your boo?

What do you guys argue about the most?

Have either of you ever crossed the line during a disagreement?

Have either of you ever cheated?

How many times have you guys broken up and gotten back together?

Do your friends and family approve?

Clearly marriage has crossed your mind, but have you guys ever talked about it?

Have either of you ever been married?

Have you been looking at rings (and don't lie)?

How excited are you to walk down the aisle with your current partner?

Are you truly happy?

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About This Quiz

You want to get married, at least one day, right? Well, it seems to us you're interested enough to start thinking about which ring type would fit you the best. And we can give you that information. But you have to give us something first. You have to tell us some things about your relationship. 

Let us get a bit more specific for you. We're going to ask you everything, from how you met your love to how long you guys have been together. We want to know what your favorite date night activity is and what you guys like doing when you're with friends. And don't think that we don't want to know the bad things too. We'll want to know what the biggest pet peeve in your relationship is and what you guys argue about the most. But we'll also want to know why you love this person and why you want to marry them. 

By the end of this quiz, when we've gotten all our answers, we'll be able to tell you the cut of ring you should get for your engagement. So, if you want to know what that is, go ahead and take this quiz. 

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