Quiz: Tell Us About Your Taste in Movies and We'll Guess What State You Live In
Tell Us About Your Taste in Movies and We'll Guess What State You Live In
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Is there a difference in movie preferences as you cross state lines? We think there is, and we've got a theory in place that's sure to lead us to the right answer. Well, honestly, we've got our fingers crossed that our guess is as good as we think it is.

For example, the general trend is that people who live out in the western parts of The United States are a bit more laid-back. When you get a little bit more specific, those that live in a state that borders the Pacific Ocean are more likely to be drawn to progressive themes and nature-related programming. So, if you live in a place like California, we're looking for movies that offer a mellow, easy-going vibe, a great sense of humor and deal with trending issues of the day.

Whether you watch your movies on an app on your smartphone or you still prefer the experience of taking it in on the big screen with a tub of popcorn in your lap, the previews are over and it's time for the main attraction.

Please turn off your cell phones...unless you're taking this quiz on your cell phone. In that case, please keep it on and proceed.

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