Tell Us About Your Taste in Music and We'll Tell You if You Belong in the US or the UK

Teresa M.

Which Oasis song do you like most?

Which classic rock band do you listen to most often?

Which Michael Jackson song makes you want to dance?

Which female pop singer do you think is most talented?

Which instrument do you find most magical?

How much do you love The Beatles?

What kind of music do you listen to when you work out?

Which male singer do you think is most influential?

Which band would you want to play a party?

Which country makes the best electronic music?

Do you prefer Van Halen or Super Furry Animals?

Would you like to see Pink Floyd in concert?

Do you like Justin Timberlake more than you like Harry Styles?

Do you prefer David Bowie or Bruce Springsteen?

Would you attend a Radiohead concert?

Which piano player do you like most?

Which rock singer do you think has the best pipes?

Do you like Queen?

Which band might play the soundtrack to your life's movie?

Which singer would you listen to during sexy time?

Which singer do you find most annoying?

Do you ever listen to classical music?

Do you like The Foo Fighters or Nirvana more?

Do you like Bon Jovi or Slade more?

Which hip hop artist do you like most?

Which band would your parents most like to see?

Which music festival sounds the most fun?

Which heavy metal band suits you when you are angry?

How do you feel about Taylor Swift?

Would you attend a Katy Perry concert?

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About This Quiz

Are you an American that feels more like a Brit, or vice versa? Or are you a Brit that feels at home in either place? Maybe you've never really thought about it. Now that we've put it in your mind, share your musical tastes with us, and we'll tell you if you belong more in the US or the UK. 

As we get to the bottom of the artists, bands, and kinds of music you like, you will reveal little bits of your personality to us. Our extensive research about the qualities each nationality possesses will be used to compare your responses. Whether you like Michael Jackson more than you like Harry Styles will give us plenty of knowledge to base the perfect country for you. 

Do you maintain a musical stiff upper lip, or do like songs that inspire you to keep dreaming your American dream? Thinking of your musical tastes as a good indicator of the ideal geographical location might seem unusual, but no one ever said you were usual. In fact, we encourage you to dig deep into those quirky tunes you love the most! 

Build your dream playlist with us, and we'll tell you which side of the Atlantic you should call home!

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