Tell Us About Your Taste in TV Shows and We'll Guess What State You Live In

Teresa M.

Which animated sitcom do you like most?

Which television network do you watch most often?

Which Netflix series have you binge watched?

Who is your favorite sitcom mom?

What kind of television shows do you watch most often?

Which survival show would you be best suited to try?

Which television dad do you like most?

Which television show has the best theme song?

Which "Sex in the City" character did you like most?

Which sitcom kid were you most like growing up?

Which television crime show do you like most?

Which game show would you like to go on?

Which Food Network chef would you like to make your dinner?

Which talent show do you prefer to watch?

Which '80s actor do you remember most?

Which '70s show did remember most about?

Which character from "How I Met Your Mother" do you like most?

Which HGTV show do you like most?

Which British television show have you seen the most of?

Have you seen "Ozark"?

Which '90s cartoon would you watch again?

Which television dog do you think is most adorable?

Which decade do you think has made the best television?

Which talk show host do you think is funniest?

How often do you watch MTV?

If you worked in the television industry, which job would you like to have?

Which PBS show are you most likely to watch?

Do you have a favorite character from "Friends"?

Could you last a week on "Big Brother?"

Do you watch a lot of televised awards shows?

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About This Quiz

Do your television preferences give away the state you live in? We think so! Much like accents, every region of the country has shows and characters they like more than others. Perhaps people identify with them because it reminds them of the life around them. Or maybe it's because it's a glimpse into an entirely different world. 

The United States is huge, and every part of it contains unique culture. Tell us about the television shows you are most drawn to watching, and we'll try and guess your state. 

You might have liked "Charmed" because it showed you a bit of San Francisco, or you might have enjoyed "Friends" because of its New York City setting. No matter why you like certain shows, they hit home for a multitude of reasons. We tend to find things funniest when we can relate to them, so it only makes sense that our television favorites would mirror the place we live! 

Throughout the quiz, we'll ask for your input about all things televisions. When you're done, we'll take an educated guess about the region you live in. From there, we'll narrow it down to your specific state. Grab the remote, and get comfortable! We're ready to guesstimate!

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