Tell us about your Thanksgiving meal and we'll guess which relative you secretly loathe!

By: Tori Highley

What did you eat for breakfast before coming over?

What dish are you bringing personally?

What is your favorite snack set out before the meal is served?

When your cousin offers to get you a drink, what do you ask for?

Which snack platter are you picking at while caught in a discussion between your dad and your uncle?

What is your family's Thanksgiving tradition?

Which of these special holiday drinks sounds most appetizing?

Where are you eating?

What are the kids up to while the last dishes are getting cooked up?

What does your family eat on?

What is your favorite meat for thanksgiving?

What do you spread your butter on?

Which vegetable dish do you love?

Which veggies do you pass on?

Which starch can you not live without?

What drink do you pour for the kids for dinner?

What drink do you pour for yourself with the meal?

Which dish do you go back for seconds?

Who brings the worst side dish to the meal?

Which dish do you go back for thirds on?

How does your family make room for dessert?

As the dessert is laid out, what do you know you have to have?

What do you top your pie with?

What dessert do you grab on your second run for sweets?

What are you drinking with your dessert?

What game do you play with your relatives?

Which family member can't resist bringing up where your life is going right now?

When everyone is getting sleepy, what is the plan for getting home?

When the host asks if you want a plate of leftovers, what do you ask for?

What part of the day were you most thankful for when you lay down to go to sleep?

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About This Quiz

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time for loving family to come together, but not everyone at Thanksgiving dinner inspires love. Take this quiz to find out which relative you secretly despise.

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