Quiz: Tell Us About Your Viewpoints and We'll Guess How Much You Actually Agree with Donald Trump
Tell Us About Your Viewpoints and We'll Guess How Much You Actually Agree with Donald Trump
By: Teresa M.
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Your opinion matters! From current events to the heavyweight political issues, it's our American duty to have our own viewpoints. The beautiful thing about it is that we all don't need to agree on everything! In the land of the free! Standing for your own personal values is the name of the game. We're very curious to know just how much like our 45th president you think!

Whether you agree with Donald J. Trump's building of the wall or his plan to deal with North Korea, it is your American right to do so. Even the most patriotic of Americans agrees with the president sometimes! During this quiz, we want to know just how much you think like our 45th President, Donald J. Trump! Tell us your standpoint on everything from immigration to current events, and we will compare the way you think with the way Donald Trump thinks! Are you as similar or as different as you think you might be?

Think back to those political sciences classes you might have had, and remember how you conducted yourself during high school debates! Your responses will help us run an accurate comparison against Trump's beliefs to see how much the two of you think alike! Sounds like a good deal? Let's get started!

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