Quiz: Tell Us About Yourself in High School and We'll Guess What Sport You Dominated!
Tell Us About Yourself in High School and We'll Guess What Sport You Dominated!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Some people claim that "Your school days are the best days of your life." These people, as most of us instinctively knew when they said it to us as children, are losers. They peaked at age 16 and their life since then has been a slow slide into mediocrity, settling, and never actually losing those last five pounds despite constantly claiming to have done so.

There is just one exception, and that is sports. If you are blessed with a reasonably healthy body - and doubly so if you suffer from a disability or simply a frame that does not want to cooperate when you tell it to run, throw, and catch - then you may very well justifiably say that your teen years were a peak. That's because your body was growing, meaning it was constantly expanding its capacity and was capable of healing very quickly. 

You could take a hit and keep on going in a way that you simply can't later in life. If you were fortunate enough to be not just able-bodied but actively a jock, you could really enjoy yourself. So tell us what you got up to back then, and we'll see whether you were most likely to dominate on the tennis court, the track, the pool... or the chessboard.

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