Quiz: Test Your Grey's Anatomy Knowledge
Test Your Grey's Anatomy Knowledge
By: Allie T

About This Quiz

"Grey's Anatomy" is an American medical television series which was produced by Shonda Rhimes and has been airing on America Broadcasting Company (ABC) since 2005. The show's name is a play on an old English human anatomy textbook, called "Gray's Anatomy," which was written by Henry Gray. Throughout its run, the show has won Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actor's Guild Awards, and it was the network's highest-rated and highest-revenue-earning drama show. 

The show is centered around an intern doctor named Dr. Meredith Grey, who wants to step out from under the shadow of her mother's success and make a name for herself in the medical field. It also focuses on the lives of the other interns, residents and attending physicians at the hospital, who try to manage their careers while trying to find balance in their personal lives. 

How much do you really know about "Grey's Anatomy"? Did you just hop on the bandwagon, or were you one of their original fans? Do you remember how Dr. Derek Shepherd died or who left Dr. Christina Yang at the alter?  Lets see how well you know one of the most popular series on television by taking this quiz!

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Who is Meredith’s “person” after Cristina leaves the show?
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Who is hit by the bus in the episode, “Now or Never?”
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Who leaves Cristina at the altar?
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Grey’s Anatomy was created by _________?
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Who garners the nickname “The Nazi?”
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Where did Meredith meet Derek for the first time?
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What show is a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy?
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What country is Zola Grey Shepherd from?
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How many episodes are in Season One?
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What is the adoptive name of Izzie’s daughter?
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Who elopes to Las Vegas in Season Three?
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Who dies as a result of the plane crash at the end of Season Eight?
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Who is Maggie Pierce’s biological father?
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How did Dr. Heather Brooks die?
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What secret does April keep from Jackson when they sign the divorce papers?
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Who purchases Derek’s Airstream?
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Which doctor does Meredith blame for Derek’s death?
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What is the name of the fictional hospital before its name-change to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?
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Who guest stars as a surgeon looking to recruit Arizona for her fellowship?
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Who does Cristina give her board shares to?
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Which surgical intern does Dr. Pierce have an affair?
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Before Ben Warren is a surgical resident, he is a _________?
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Who delivers April’s second baby?
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Who does Edwards fall in love with that dies during brain surgery?
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Who does Meredith hook up with at the end of Season 12?
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