Quiz: Test Your Orange Is The New Black Knowledge!
Test Your Orange Is The New Black Knowledge!
By: Allie T.
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About This Quiz

It would seriously stink to be stuck in prison! For most people, prison is a distant planet and one of the scariest places in the world. And in the series "Orange is the New Black," Piper Chapman is most people. 

"Orange is the New Black" is the Netflix hit series about a woman convicted of a crime years after she committed it and the time she spends incarcerated in Litchfield prison. While the show originally followed Piper Chapman to show the effect prison has on an otherwise "normal" person, it has broadened into the lives of dozens of characters and how they landed themselves in the slammer. 

So, you consider yourself a trivia wizard when it comes to "Orange is the New Black?" Well, then this is the quiz for you. Follow Chapman, Crazy-Eyes, Red, Diaz and the rest of the cast as we reveal some of the most curious questions we could muster on the women of Litchfield prison. 

For example, can you name the hot-job lingerie company that was started at Litchfield? Or, why does Piper land in the SHU in season one?

These are only a sample of the questions a true "Orange is the New Black" fan can answer. So, how bad are you? Take this quiz and see how you stack up against the women of Litchfield!

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What service streams OITNB?
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Litchfield Penitentiary is located in what state?
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We all love "Crazy Eyes," but do you know her first name?
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What company helps Red smuggle contraband into Litchfield?
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Who plays Piper’s fiancé Larry Bloom?
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Who is Dayanara Diaz’s mother?
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What job did Cindy Hayes have before she broke the law and ended up in prison?
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Why does Healy put Piper in the SHU during Season One?
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What does Morello show Chapman when they first meet?
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What goes missing from the electrical shop, landing Watson in solitary?
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What radio station does Larry go on to discuss his relationship with Piper?​
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A season consists of how many episodes?
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What does Piper have a tattoo of on the back of her neck when she arrives at Litchfield?
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What does Norma have in Season Three that draws followers to her?
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After ticking off Red when she first got to Litchfield, what does Piper make to get back into Red’s good graces?
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What do the inmates call George Mendez’s at Litchfield?
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Who writes the erotica that is such a hit with inmates in Season Three?
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Where in the world is Sam’s wife from?
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Who takes over the kitchen when Red is kicked out?
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What kind of meal can the inmates ask for to get nice, fresh food?
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What corporation does Caputo talk into investing in Litchfield Penitentiary to keep it open?
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What lingerie company is the “hot job” to grab in the prison?
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Who runs Vee down with the van?
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Who wrote the memoir “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison” that the show is based on?
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Who adapted the memoir to television?
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